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Hard Gel Nails

Full Set Fill In
Hard Gel Overlay (Natural tips) $45+ $40+
Hard Gel Overlay Pink & White $48+ $43+
Hard Gel with Tips $55+ $40+
Hard Gel Pink & White $58+ $43+
gel nails scottsdale az

Acrylic Nails

Full Set Fill In
Regular Acrylic $30+ $25+
Acrylic White Tips $35+ $25+
Acrylic Pink & White Powder $50+ $40+
Glitter Acrylic Powder $50+ $40+

Dip Powder Nails

Full Set Fill In
Gelous Dip Powder Manicure $40+ N/A
Gelous Dip Powder Manicure French $45+ N/A
Gelous Dip Powder Full Set/Fill $50+ $45+
Gelous Dip Powder Pink & White $55+ $50+
Gelous Dip Powder FS w/Regular Polish $40+ $30+
Hands with a rose

Gel Manicure, Shellac, Soft Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure Color $30+
Gel Manicure French $35+
Polish Change Gel Color $20+
Polish Change Gel French $25+
Gel Pedicure (Ex:Classic Pedi) $41+
Gel Pedicure French (Ex: Classic Pedi) $46+
Polish Change Gel Toes $25+
Polish Change Gel Toes French $30+


meni2The Classic Manicure – $16+
Soak to clean and cuticle care, trim and reshape nails, arm massage to sooth muscles then polish.

The Luxury Manicure – $23+
Includes all off the classic manicure services, plus skin exfoliation with sugar scrub and lotion massage, hot towel and top off with polish.

The VIP Manicure – $33+
Includes all off the classic manicure services, plus combining hand sugar scrub  for skin exfoliation and paraffin wax treatment, arm massage, hot towels and top off with perfect polish application.

Scottsdale Princess

(11 years & under)

Pretty Princess Manicure w/design $12+
Pretty Princess Pedicure w/design $18+
Package (PC hand & toes) w/design $15+
Princess Polish Change Hands $5+
Princess Polish Change Toes $7+


*** Disposable liners used with every pedicure to ensure a clean experience
Bare feet of a woman surrounded by flowers#1    The Classic – $26+
Includes meticulous nail cuticle care , gentle exfoliation of the feet,hydrating massage, hot towels and topped off with perfect polish.

#2    Scottsdale Foot Spa – $38+
Includes all of “The Classic” pedicure services; plus a vitamin pack to lock in moisture and restore suppleness. Starts with a super hydrating aroma therapeutic masque treatment (earth minerals and vitamins to leave your skin soft and revitalized); then organic sugar scrub made of Raw Earth Minerals to promote healthy and beautiful skin; then Service ends with perfect polish application.

#3    Scottsdale Luxury Spa – $45+
Relax and enjoy! Includes all of “Scottsdale Foot Spa” pedicure services. Plus, your choice of warm paraffin or callus eliminator treatment that leaves your skin soft, smooth and locks in moisture. Service ends with perfect polish application.

#4    Scottsdale VIP Spa – $59+
This Luxurious therapeutic treatment is like a 60-minute facial for your feet. Includes all of “Scottsdale Luxury Spa”, plus the “Jelly Pedi” transforms water into a gelatinous foot bath. Massaging of Jelly into the skin and muscles stimulate the senses that have never been touched before and creating feet that look and feel years younger! This includes work on rough callused areas, then warm paraffin treatment that leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Service ends with perfect polish application.

Waxing and Tattoo Eyebrows & Lips

Lip or Chin $8+
Eyebrows $12+
Under Arm $20+
Arm (half) $20+
Arm (full) $35+
Leg (half) $35+
Leg (full) $55+
Bikini $35+
Back $55+
Full Face $40+
Chest $42+
Stomach Female $10+
Stomach & Chest $50+
Male $30+
Brazilian $50+
Stomach Male $30+
Therapist Waxing Customer's Leg At Spa

Add-On Services

Sugar/ Salt Glow $7+
Natural Buff Shine $3+
Warm Paraffin Treatment $10+
Polish Change Hands $8+
Polish Change Toes $10+
French – American Polish $5
Callus Eliminator $7
Nail Design $5+
Additional Nail Shape $5+
Take off only $10+
Take off with nail Service $5+
Nail Repair $3+
Gel Polish $15+
Gel Polish French $20+
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"I love going to Scottsdale Hand And Foot Spa...The spa is beautiful and they are always creative with the designs. I highly recommend them." nail design."

"Angela S."

"Friendly and nice atmosphere. Good work!"

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